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PRL Protein Flakes is a delicious super food for daily use, a good source of quality protein with a rich, nutty-like flavor.


Benefits of Protein Flakes:

  • A tasty super food for daily super nutrition that features the important compound, beta-1,3 glucans (800 mg/serving)
  • A good source of high quality, bioavailable protein (56% protein by weight; 5 g per serving), containing both essential and non-essential amino acids
  • Primary strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (specially grown on malasses - natural nutritional yeast with no synthetic vitamins
  • Does not encourage candida or other yeast growth


Contents / Ingredients:

Serving Size: 2 tbsp (9 g)
Servings per container: about 25

Primary Nutritional Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)

Amino Acid Profile Per Serving (from Protein Content):
Alanine - 320 mg
Arginine - 225 mg
Aspartic Acid - 520 mg
Systine - 45 mg
Glutamic Acid - 830 mg
Glycine - 225 mg
Histidine - 110 mg
Isoleucine - 225 mg
Leucine - 345 mg
Lysine - 410 mg
Methionine - 80 mg
Phenylalanine - 200 mg
Proline - 190 mg
Serine - 250 mg
Threonine - 250 mg
Tryptophan - 45 mg
Tyrosine - 170 mg
Valine - 270 mg


Recommended Use:

Take 2 tablespoons daily with each meal. Enjoy its pleasant-tasting, nutty flavor by mixing it into drinks or food, such as soup, grain dishes, salads, vegetable juice or sprinkle over popcorn.


Our Quality One Guarantee: No magnesium stearate (an undesirable excipient), corn, milk, soy, salt, sugar, wheat, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Store in a cool, dry place. 

Protein Flakes

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  • Good tasting nutritional yeast with bioavailable protein



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