Medi-Clay-FX - from Premier Research Labs (PRL)


Medi-Clay-FX is superb at removing mycotoxins and heavy metals from the entire digestive tract and our food as well. Mycotoxins are moldy type substances that poison, compromise and can eventually destroy every organ in the body. We are finding this to be an escalating problem in our food supply and in the people we test. We suggest using the Medi-Clay-FX for at least a year and avoiding all foods that contain these mycotoxins.


Food sources of mycotoxins include peanuts and peanut butter (probably the worst), wheat, corn, nut butters & nut milks, alcohol, frozen foods, sugar and hard cheeses. We suggest you google mycotoxins in food to keep abreast of what to avoid.


Medi-Clay-FX can also trap and remove much of the other poisons in our foods including POPS (persistent organic pollutants), glyphosates from GMOs (genetically modified organisms), chemotoxins, inflammatory compounds, cytokines, etc.


Medi-Clay-FX is a quantum-state rare alkaline desert clay. It's not the standard sodium bentonite, but a far superior calcium bentonite. It supports deep-seated whole body detox. Use with Cleanse Blend and the Premier Cleanse Program.


Clay has a long, worldwide history of outstanding, health-promoting effects and has been used extensively by many cultures for thousands of years. Medi-Clay-FX is a quantum-state, rare desert clay (calcium bentonite) with excellent, proven detoxifying properties.

It has been obtained from a deep sub-surface mine in the southwestern desert area of the U.S. which has been uniquely protected from leaching and being oxidized by the climate. For over 43 million years, this clay deposit has been sealed away from the ravages of natural ele­ments by a crust of zeolite minerals.

Because its excellent adsorptive properties have not been compromised by air or groundwater contaminants, this highly charged, 100% pure calcium bentonite clay has significant drawing power that has proven to be un­surpassed.



The warning below from the State of California is a result of Proposition 65, which has such a low threshold for naturally occurring minerals, that anything natively out of the ground will require a warning. We do not consider this a problem and PRL would not produce a product that doesn't pass their extremely high standards. They are the only manufacturer we know that tests every ingredient they use or produce with their own sophisticated lab equipment. See here to understand how they test.

Also, the calcium bentonite does not get absorbed by the body at all. It is phenomenal at absorbing toxins from the walls of the digestive system and passing out of the body completely. 


Contents / Ingredients:

1 Capsule contains 100% Pure Calcium Bentonite - 454 mg.


Recommended Use:

Take 2-3 per day. Open 1 capsule of Medi-Clay-FX in about 4 ounces of water and sip from beginning to end of each meal.


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  • Detoxes mycotoxins and heavy metals, excellent for intestinal cleansing, rare calcium bentonite



    90 Vcaps - 454 mg


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