Canadian Gold Honey - from Premier Research Labs

Are you ready for a deliciously unique and exquisite taste? Canadian Gold Honey is pure, raw, whitish amber honey from the remote, pristine wildlands of Northern Canada.


  • Unique honey from Canadian wild flowers with legendary health benefits
  • Totally unheated and raw (not highly heated)
  • Carefully hand packed in each container (high heat is not used to liquefy the honey which can degrade valuable nutrients); not whipped, spun, filtered or treated.
  • Naturally thick honey with the delightful creamy texture


Canadian gold honey melts in your mouth with an exquisitely different sweet taste. Use as a topping on cereal or as a sweetener for smoothies or herbal tea. Or just enjoy by itself! Eat a teaspoon right out of the jar as an energy boost before exercise. We consider this the best honey in the world.

Warning the word “raw”, on a honey label does not mean the honey has not been highly heated (for high speed packaging and thus has lost its active factors.) For truly living honey, the label must also say "unheated".


For great results (and a powerful liver tonic), mix this entire 6oz container of Premier Classic Pollen in  9oz. of Canadian Gold Honey (raw, unheated). This mixture perfectly preserves the pollen and makes it more bioavailable. Take 1 teaspoon of this mixture daily. 


Contents / Ingredients:

Serving Size: 1 tablespoon
Servings Per Container: about 43


Ingredients: Raw, Unpasteurized Honey



Infants younger than one year should not consume honey.

Honey, Canadian Gold

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  • Untreated, unheated, totally raw, delicious, legendary honey from Canada's wildlands


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