Hivamat 200 ®

HIVAMAT Therapy is the MOST POWERFUL tool for the instant reduction of pain, swelling and internal scar tissue and the increase in range of motion and it feels like a spa treatment.

After a trauma or degenerative order has formed, HIVAMAT Therapy uses deep Oscillation and alternating currents to break up metabolic waste which is trapped in the interstitial tissue, lymph nodes or lymph collectors and break down scar tissue.

Let’s take a sprained ankle for example:

You feel pain, your ankle swells you lose your range of motion and it hurts when you apply pressure.  Congratulations, you are healthy, this is the way the body is supposed to respond to acute trauma.


However if you were constantly agitating your injury by walking to work every day, your ankle would continue to swell and your Lymphatic System would continue to send Lymph Fluid to help protect your underlying injury from further trauma and you would start to produce Fibrotic Scar Tissue from the excessive internal swelling.


Your Lymph Fluid is made up of Proteins, Acids and Alkalines in times of extended trauma these three products of your lymph fluid get attracted to each other due to being oppositely charged particles and form was is called a Metabolic Waste or “Waste Balls”.  These “Waste Balls” can block and clog Lymph collectors and Lymph nodes which causes the localized fluid to stay around the injured ankle which is actually preventing the healing process.  The build up in fluid can also cause the formation of Fibrotic Scar tissue.  Which in turn creates a constant source of agitation causing more fluid to build up.


Apply this ankle example to any other body part, knee, hip, shoulder, back, neck.  Ask yourself why you have good days and bad days.  The reason is your Lymphatic System.  On good days, your lymphatic system is winning the fluid movement battle, on bad days, it’s not.  This is where HIVAMAT therapy comes into play.


The HIVAMAT uses a combination of alternating currents and deep tissue oscillation to actually break down the “waste balls” into their original particles and then physically squeezes the interstitial tissue with attracting and repelling forces so that the fluid and waste find their way back into the Lymphatic system and the fluid has left the localized area.  At the same time this is taking place,  HIVAMAT Therapy is also breaking down Fibrotic Scar Tissue.  All while feeling like a spa treatment.

What sets the HIVAMAT apart from every other modality (Laser, Ultrasound, E-Stim, etc…)

With EVERY other modality you need a working Lymphatic System for fluid movement – no working Lymphatic System is needed for HIVAMAT Therapy.


All the other modalities on the market require a working Lymphatic System, because it is the lymphatic system which is doing the bulk of the work. If your Lymphatic System is not working, diminished or overloaded with inflammation you are going to get very limited results using these other modalities.


Any modality which causes heat – is meant to expand cell wall membranes to allow more fluid to flow.


Any modality which causes cold is meant to slow down the amount of fluid flowing in to trauma area.


Any modality which causes pressure is meant to physically force fluid out or prevent fluid from flowing.


All of the above REQUIRE a working Lymphatic System – HIVAMAT Therapy does NOT.


HIVAMAT Therapy is a hands-on modality which instantly moves fluid and breaks down metabolic waste in the interstitial tissue and forces the fluids and by-products from trauma back into the Lymphatic System where it belongs, the fluid is then processed normally though the bladder.


HIVAMAT Therapy works by treating the localized area to alternating currents in the following fashion. Positive electrons – pause – negative electrons – repeat. The HIVAMAT then turns everything it touches to one electrical charge (either positive or negative) for a split second. This in-turn changes the oppositely charged particles of the metabolic “waste ball” to one electrical charge, thus repelling the particles away from each other. The “pause” in-between the pulses prevents the “freed” particles from the waste ball from re-attaching and the Deep Tissue Oscillation pumps those particles out of the interstitial and back into the Lymphatic System. Eventually the metabolic waste ball shrinks down small enough so the entire Waste ball fits though the Lymph Collector or Lymph Node and all fluid flows freely.


Think of the metabolic "waste ball" being the north and south ends of two magnets stuck together, the HIVAMAT is applied and this flips them around and the "waste ball" is broke apart.

HIVAMAT Therapy can be used 24 hours after surgery, can go directly over open wounds, is safe enough to go over the eyes, heart and spine as well as implantable objects such as joints, plates, screws or breast implants.

 HIVAMAT Therapy has been the go-to technology in leading clinics, hospitals and pro and college sports teams (over 100 teams) in getting instant results in reducing Pain and Inflammation and getting patients on the path to healing their conditions.

It Hurts when I Do this?

The old joke in medicine is then don’t do that.


However it is lack of range of motion which brings in most people for physical therapy or to the doctor’s office.  People are tough.  We usually wait until we can’t take it any more after hoping the problem went away on its own after we popped some pain relievers.


If there is nothing broken or torn the pain is typically caused by soft tissue trauma, strain or degenerative condition.  And its typically constant swelling due to agitation and typically not a lot but enough to cause discomfort.  In cases when the swelling has been long term, there could also be internal scar tissue.


HIVAMAT Therapy will help with the swelling and scar tissue and make your pain go away.

HIVAMAT Therapy is safe, effective and feels like a spa treatment, idea for instant results for acute or chronic conditions or perfect for that end of the week stress reliever when you want total relaxation and all your lymph nodes working to full capacity to maintain optimum health.


Ideal 24 hours after any Plastic Surgery to remove excess fluid build up and hazards from scar tissue.

Like most people- you are saying... "What the heck does that mean"?

When the human body experiences pain either from Physical Trauma, Surgery or Degenerative conditions the body responds by sending Lymph Fluid to the Pain area as the body’s natural defense mechanism to protect itself from further trauma


The more pain/trauma the more fluid sent to the localized area.


Those are some big feet/leg's, I don't have that kind of swelling?

The patients with the swollen feet and legs all suffer from a condition call Lymphedema.  Lymphedema can occur when lymph nodes are removed from cancer, old age, trauma or “just because”.  Lymphedema patients suffer from massive swelling from a FAILED Lymphatic system.


These pictures are shown for two reasons:


1  They are very dramatic and show the effectiveness of HIVAMAT Therapy.


2  Pictures of wwollen back, neck or hip are all internal and no before and after results exist which would show up in pictures – but its all the same fluid.


If the HIVAMAT can get this kind of result with Lymphedema patients, patients with a failed Lymphatic System.  Think what it can do for someone with a health lymphatic system suffering from acute trauma.


Patients will see an immediate effect with the HIVAMAT, however 4-5 hours after the procedure the patients will see their best result as the new natural lymph fluid pushes out the old fluid, thus reducing the pressure even more on the traumatized area. The less pressure, the less pain, creating a faster path for the body to heal itself.