Shamanic Breathwork

Shamanic Breathing is a powerful tool for transformation, healing and re-connection to your true essence. For thousands of years, mystical traditions of the world have utilized breathing techniques for healing and awakening to higher states of consciousness.


The process itself is very simple and pure.  A circular, connected, breathing rhythm will take you into self exploration and non-ordinary states of consciousness.  With your "Higher Self" guiding the process, each session is unique as old wounds, imprints, beliefs and dysfunctional patterns are released.  


The Shamanic Breathing process is highly experiential and the healing effects will stay with you long after the session is over. 


Shamanic Breathing is a simple yet unique method of breathing that brings more oxygen to all parts of your body. This effective technique has been used by thousands of people with amazing results of improved health and increased energy.


Shamanic Breathing inspires intuitive insights and deep perceptions. The end result is an awakening to your hidden passions, to your unspoken dreams, and to your creativity.

Common Results

  • More energy 

  • A deeper connection with your spiritual self 

  • A better understanding of what you want in your life 

  • A way to live your life with positive thoughts and supportive beliefs 

  • An expanded consciousness 

  • Mental clarity 

  • Emotional stability

Wear comfortable clothes, bring a water bottle.

Weekly Sessions


Shamanic Breathing is an intense and profound healing modality that utilizes your own life force energy through conscious circular breathing.

$20 Love Offering.